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Silk Painting 

Silk painting has become a very popular way to decorate scarves and other clothing items. Although it sounds daunting, painting on silk is actually pretty easy. During our workshops you will learn step-by-step basic silk painting techniques and create simple flower patterns. You will learn how to apply dyes to the silk, make them flow naturally and allow colors to spread softly creating beautiful results. As with any craft skill, the key to a successful creation is gaining confidence through practice and experimenting.

Geneva workshops took place in Corde Coffee where we were supported by lovely vegan bakery and the best coffee made by Carlina.

Lausanne workshop was organized with an amazing  Ksenia Astakhova in her studio Artiloft. I am a massive fan of Ksenia and her plein air painting workshops. 

I also run a Facebook group where you can find more photos and info about past events.

silk lausanne.jpg
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