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My name is Olga Komarynets and I am Russian scientist and artist.

Currently I live in Oxford and work as a scientist in a start-up that develops  gene therapies for chronic diseases.

Before moving to the UK, I spent 6 years in Switzerland where I did my PhD. and post-doctoral studies in Biology. At the university I organized an Invited Speaker Seminar Series a to expand my outlook. 

Working on discovering natural laws requires intellectual labor, it stimulates your mind and senses and has a lot of in common with being an artist. My natural creativity and passion for elements of Water and Air turned into art, so the main subjects for my works is nature with spacious blue spaces of water and air in the pictures. Sometimes I create views of old cities and villages. I enjoy hiking and the best views are in my "plein air" paintings.

When I am looking at the art of others, I find I am drawn to bold, complementary shapes and color reflections. I’m educating myself on art techniques and often I attend workshops and lectures on art history. During my free time, I organize discuss-art-and-drink-coffee events and collaborate with tailors on silk painting.

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